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Current Open Positions:

President (Remainder of term, Sept 2018)

Vice President Girls (full term, Sept 2019)

Treasurer (full term, Sept 2019)

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Executive Board

The board typically meets once per month from September to August. Occasionally there may be focused meetings with a subset of members. Likewise, if there is too much business, requiring follow-up, that cannot wait a month until the next meeting, there may be 2 meetings within a month. Board meetings are typically 1.5 to 2 hours long.


Vice President Boys 

Vice President Girls




At-Large Members

At-large members are those that serve in positions of significant importance to Armstrong Cooper Youth Lacrosse Association, but do not hold individual positions on the Board of Directors.  The expectation is that these members attend all scheduled board meetings, but no less than 80% in a given year.




Field Coordinator –

  • Work with Community and other lacrosse partners to make sure we have enough fields scheduled, lined and in good shape for the season(s)
  • Ensure all permits are in order and communicate requirements to coaches to ensure safe use of fields
  • Attend scheduling meetings with Vice President (boys) and Girl’s Coordinator (girls) to ensure accurate scheduling
  • Create and distribute practice and game field usage schedules
  • Advance ACYLA’s field access agenda by finding and developing relationships with appropriate partners
  • Additional duties as assigned by the board


Tournament Coordinator –

  • Research appropriate tournaments for each lacrosse team; research accommodations (as needed) 
  • Register teams and work with the Treasurer to pay for tournament fees
  • Additional duties as assigned by the board


Equipment Manager –

  • Work with the Board to insure that all teams have the required equipment for the season and monitor needs throughout the season
  • Distribute equipment to each team and collect it at the end of the season
  • Work with the coaches to determine equipment needs in the fall and create a plan to procure over the off-season
  • Oversee the storage of all ACYLA equipment during the offseason
  • Lead the uniform design, ordering, and distribution process
  • Lead and coordinate the purchasing of apparel items and manage the relationship with the selected vendor(s)
  • Additional duties as assigned by the board